He initially started his career as a successful commercial artist working for over 10 years in advertising and publishing, creating artwork for many high profile ad campaign's that included companies such as Coca Cola, BP, General Motors etc.. also creating book covers for authors such as Tom Clancy & Patrick Robinson

He then started a career in feature film visual effects for the London based company "Framestore" Firstly working as a creature design artist on the award winning BBC series "Walking With Beasts"
Then moving onto the mini series "Dinotopia" as a Matte Painting artist generating CG environments, this led him to win a VES award for his efforts.
Since then he became a VFX Environment Supervisor on many feature films including the film "The Golden Compass" which won the Oscar & Bafta Awards for best visual effects

Running parallel to this he has been composing music for many years, Initially as Rock guitarist in various bands, later developing a passion for film music he has continued to evolve and produce more cinematic style music for a variety of projects. But also mixing with guitar and traditional instruments like in the Bafta Awards Cinema trailer "bring The Glamour Home"   

Directed short film
I Directed and scored a short film in the "London 48hr Film Project".
"The Collector" was filmed in central London with a tallented cast & crew of about 20. It was an amazing experience to make a film from start to finish in such a short period of time.

The competion is held in cities throughout the world.
London's took place September.
I would highly recommend being involved in such a project, but be warned, you need a good night's sleep before you start!

A link to watch the film is coming soon...
Film Project
Composed the score for a film called  "Red Balloon" which has been selected for numerous film festivals, and has recently won the Directorial Discovery Award at the Rhode Island film festival
Directed by Damien Mace and Alexis Wajsbrot "RED BALLOON"  is a physiological horror about a babysitter who's evening turns out to be more frightening than she could ever imagine
Visit the official website here
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